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španělská káva Granell

Italian or Spanish coffee? That's what's going on here.

Just as people argue about many of the "best things in the world," they also argue about the best coffee. Not only are they unable to agree whether 100% arabica or a mixture with robusta is better, but the discussion about the country in which the coffee mixture was prepared can also arouse real passions.

Some people prefer coffee from Italy, but many people prefer coffee from Spain, which is also of high quality and really strong. Even a person without a barista course can tell the difference between them, but which one is better? At CGFoods you have the opportunity to judge for yourself, thanks to the range of Italian coffees (Saquella, Excelsior and Coffesso), and coffee Granell.

Španělská káva Granell

Granell is a family business founded in 1940, and today the actual production of this great coffee is located in Sueca, Valencia. It distributes its products not only in Spain, but also on an international scale. It is exported to countries such as China, Germany, Poland, Russia, Greece, or Saudi Arabia. Thanks to us, the Czech Republic also belongs to this company, where their Spanish coffee is imported. We are the only ones who import these coffees to us, so you can enjoy the Spanish spirit full of joy, warmth, passion and above all spontaneity even in the comfort of your home every day.

Granell Brasil
Granell Colombia
Granell India

In our offer you will find several different lines of Granell coffee, bean and ground. One of them is the so-called Origenes-Puros. Includes coffee beans Colombia, Brasil and India, which will transport you to these exotic destinations with their aromas and tastes. Precisely roasted, exactly according to your tastes, and moreover in beautiful gift packages. Of course, if a cup of exoticism isn't right for you, there's the Classic line. Coffee beans Gran Luxe, Natural or Selección always makes your day better!

Granell Seleccion
Granell Tueste Natural
Granell Gran Luxe

From the beginning of its existence, the founders of the company Agustin Granell Ortega and his wife Consuelo Herrero made sure that their traditional Spanish coffee had the best possible quality. That was the most important value. These principles remain, and the long-standing tradition of roasting, packaging and distributing coffee continues for the third generation, which is the best guarantee that their coffee will still be as excellent.

Which coffee you choose is up to you. But we succumbed to all of them!


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