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Prodej čajů Brno - CG Foods - velkoobchod s čajem a kávou
Prodej čajů Brno - CG Foods - velkoobchod s čajem a kávou

Our Story

We have enjoyed selling tea and coffee since 2010. Through our personal approach, we have built strong and friendly relationships with business partners from suppliers and customers over many years. We are exclusive importers of selected brands of tea and coffee, which we distribute not only in the Czech Republic. We believe that this year's tea and coffee season will also be successful, and you will continue to be satisfied with the service and products we offer.


We have been your wholesale agents for the best tea enjoyment since 2010. Our work with customers is based on a personal approach. Our sales representatives are happy to visit any place in the country, and we present our products at several fairs every year. Email, telephone and personal communication with the customer is our daily joy. Even thanks to this approach, sales of teas and coffees are still growing.


In the beginning, we only cooperated with the supplier of Hyson brand Ceylon teas. Since we test our products personally, it took a while for other brands to join our family. Over time, we have expanded the offer to include products from other countries, where you will also enjoy the first-class quality of teas and coffee beans. For the offered brands, we are the exclusive importers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where our business partner Mrs. Randová – Extračaje (SK) helps us with distribution.


Carefully and honestly! We prioritize quality over quantity. We have a very close relationship with the individual brands in our portfolio. Knowledge of the world's tea powers gives us the opportunity to bring the best teas from around the world to you. Thanks to a personal approach, we have built strong and friendly relationships with business partners from both suppliers and customers, who know that they can always rely on us and our products.


Chceme mít v České republice kvalitní potraviny za rozumnou cenu. A jelikož jsme milovníci čajů a kávy, rozhodli jsme se to nejlepší zprostředkovat ze zahraničí přímo k Vám. Nejlepší relax a odpočinek je přeci se šálkem dobrého čaje či kávy. A ať už jsou Vaše oblíbené chutě jakékoliv, u nás si vybere opravdu každý. Prodej zboží se totiž u nás nevztahuje jen na specializovnaé prodejny, ale na našem e-shopu si může koupit čaj či kávu opravdu každý.

Pojďte s námi prožít náš příběh!


On August 3, 2010, the company Chaudry&Goraya s.r.o. was founded, and a business plan was created for the import of Ceylon teas to the Czech Republic.
In November of the same year, the long-awaited first shipment of Hyson teas from Sri Lanka arrived. At that time, our offer included 39 types of teas, which included the Gourmet gift collection and the OPA collection of loose teas, which we still offer today.

YEAR 2013

In 2013, we experienced the first move from a warehouse in Slatina without electricity to a new facility in the Jan Babák area. Thanks to this, we were able to expand the range of Hyson products with additional loose teas, this time in 200g packaging.


YEAR 2014

After four years since the establishment of the company, we have decided that it is necessary to expand the range of gifts. We established cooperation with the tea brand Sebastea. At the same time, we are launching a new website under the name CGFOODS and printing the first catalog with our offer to make wholesale tea sales more affordable.


YEAR 2015

The network of our customers continued to grow, which is why we had to add new tea brands to our assortment again. We have been looking for new suppliers for a long time to meet our expectations, and in October we added new tea brands F&S, Favor and Riston to our offer.


YEAR 2016

In April 2016, we established cooperation with Barbora Randová (for the company Extrač Thanks to this wholesale partner, we gained a sales representative in Slovakia. We were still missing fruit teas, which were in great demand. So we decided to include the Heath&Heather brand, which has a long history in the production of fruit and herbal teas.


YEAR 2017

2017 was a year of great changes and new beginnings. It was time to refresh our logo. In September, we took part in the FOR DÉCOR & HOME trade fair for the first time, where we also presented our new tea additions – Richard and Curtis brand teas. The novelties at the fair were incredibly interesting, and they are your favorites to this day. We decided to expand the coffee offer with the Spanish brand Granell.


YEAR 2018

In 2018, we are expanding the range of Curtis and Richard teas. Richard Royal Heart gift boxes are becoming our best selling product. We have established cooperation with important advertising agencies. Just like the year before, we participated in the FOR DÉCOR & HOME trade fair, and we are again bringing a new brand to coffee lovers, this time Excelsior Italian coffee.


YEAR 2019

We are including new Ceylon teas in our offer in 2019. Thurson teas offering quality portioned and Christmas teas, Tealia teas are focused on gift tins with an original design, and Battler Ceylon portioned teas are ideal for lovers of simple flavors. At the same time, we expanded the offer of Coffesso coffee.


YEAR 2020

In 2020, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the founding of the company. Hyson's anniversary teas vary the designs of the popular Gourmet collection and OPA collection of loose teas. Despite a more challenging year caused by the pandemic, we participated in the FOR DÉCOR & HOME fair, where visitors could taste our novelties, including the new Italian Saquella coffee.

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