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Battler & Tealia – Ceylon teas with a careful approach

Firemní dárek - plechová krabička se sypaným čajem
That Ceylon teas are the best in the world is a generally accepted opinion. But that there are significant differences between them is definitely an undeniable fact. The brands Battler and Tealia are among those that prepare their mixtures in such a way as to maintain their quality and not burden the environment.

Brand Battler andBattler Original, as well as Tealia belongs to Maltras International ( Pvt) Limited, which was founded as a small family business in 2001. In a relatively short time, this company was able to establish itself and get its Ceylon teas to many countries around the world.

In terms of production, the company relies mainly on traditions, quality, teamwork, trust, and last but not least, sustainability and fair trade. The task of a team of experts, the so-called Tea Masters, is to search for and conclude contracts with only those tea leaf growers who follow good agricultural and production practices and take care of sustainable development without harming biodiversity, the environment and society itself.

The tea blends are then produced in a proven, traditional way. Quality Ceylon teas are blended with natural fruits, flowers, spices and herbs, with freshness as a priority. The company tries to constantly change its mixes and create new lines. In addition, it regularly innovates its production process, thanks to which it can boast, for example, biodegradable packaging materials.

Brands in the Czech Republic

cejlonské čaje Battler

We started working with Maltras International (Pvt) Limited in 2019. We immediately fell in love with both brands, Battler and Tealia, for their delicious taste, quality composition and, of course, beautiful packaging.

Flavored black, green and herbal teas Battler, which, thanks to the individually wrapped bags, are suitable not only for your home, but you can also meet them in restaurants or wine bars. Our favorite from this range is, for example, the mint chaj Battler Pure Peppermint, for its fantastic fresh taste and aroma. Just a few sips and the lost energy is back! The Ceylon teas of this brand are strong, and some people only need to steep a bag for a little over a minute.

If you already know our offer, you know that the teas of the brandTealia it's one of the prettiest tea gift packs we have. Even the most demanding connoisseur can choose from the two available versions – loose teas and pyramid bags. In addition, the elegantly decorated cans are perfect for storing your tea so that it retains all its important properties, including taste and aroma.

Our most popular variant is the perfectly balanced Tealia Serene blend (in loose or portioned versions), which combines lemongrass, peppermint leaves, lavender flowers and chamomile flowers. Are you wondering what such a mixture might taste like? In that case, we definitely recommend trying it 🙂 And we guarantee that you will then want to have all the Ceylon teas in your collection!

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