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Let yourself be pampered with a cup of the finest tea leaves.


Hyson teas are a product of the Sri Lankan company Empire Teas (Pvt) Ltd., which ranks among the five most important exporting companies of the tea assortment of this island state. As a company, Hyson was established in 2002, but the experience of the founders has been passed down for three generations. The quality of the teas and the entire company is also proven by many international awards and certification of food safety standards (BRC Food Safety Certification, Food Safety System Certification 22000), quality management system (ISO 9001:2008). The Hyson brand holds HALAL and KOSHER certifications and European, Japanese and American labels for ecological production.


English royal style.


In the 19th century, the owners of the Richard Tea House produced tea blends for royal families. Today, their black, green and herbal teas are produced in the traditional English style. The combination of teas, herbs and spices gives each tea a unique taste, and the packaging is no less affected, whether it is portioned teas in boxes, gift collections or beautiful tin cans. Richard Royal Tea has included in its portfolio the company MAY-Foods, one of the largest tea companies in Russia, which also includes the Curtis brand. Since its introduction to the market, the brand has shown a steady increase in popularity, and in terms of sales volume, it ranks first in the Russian tea market. 


Modern and fresh flavors.

Curtis teas, like the Richard brand, are under the auspices of the May Foods company, which focused its business on the production of hot drinks. It has been on the market for over a quarter of a century, and production takes place in Russia, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.

As for Curtis teas, they are made from ingredients grown in Sri Lanka, India, Kenya and China. The products are made from the best raw materials, and many of them are only rarely used for the production of teas, such as flower petals, nut kernels or cocoa beans. The Curtis brand is based on a harmonious and excellent taste with a delicate aroma. Quick and easy preparation is ensured by pyramid bags made of high-quality nylon, which are a specialty of this brand.


Premium Artisan Teas.


The company Maltras International (PVT) LTD protects the brands Tealia and Battler, which thanks to us are also available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company was founded as a small family business in 2001. Both brands emphasize high product quality. However, the appeal for quality is interlinked with sustainable development so that these products do not destroy the environment.


Quality and sustainable development


The Battler and Battler Original brands belong to Maltras International (Pvt) Limited, which was founded as a small family business in 2001. In terms of production, the company is mainly based on tradition, quality, teamwork, trust and, last but not least, sustainability and fair trade. For example, they only contract with those tea leaf growers who follow good agricultural and production practices and care about sustainable development without harming biodiversity, the environment and society itself. The company tries to constantly change its mixes and create new lines. In addition, it regularly innovates its production process, thanks to which it can boast, for example, biodegradable packaging materials.


The first-class taste of Ceylon teas

Thurson is run by parent company Empire Teas, which has nearly two decades of experience in the tea business.

At the core of the brand is its founder Lushantha De Silva, a third generation tea connoisseur and trader with a passion for buying and selling teas from Ceylon. The brand has many awards and certifications that prove its quality. Among them are certifications for the organic production of agricultural products according to the EU, USDA Halal and US FDA regulations for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Lushantha De Silva, the eldest son of Hemasiri De Silva, is dedicated to preserving the legacy of his grandfather, Mr. Thurson De Silva, whose creative tea recipes are as successful today as they were in the 1950s. In the summer of 2016, Lushantha started the journey of the new Thurson brand to honor the memory of his grandfather.


Exquisite Italian espresso


Společnost Saquella založil Clemente Saquella před více než 150 lety. Ve třicátých letech 20. století se vnuci zakladatele rozhodli především na kávu espresso. Právě na tuto kávu si společnost, kterou vede už pátá generace, nejvíce zakládá i dnes, a jejím cílem je být předmětem zásobování kávy do hotelů a restaurací v Itálii. Jejich směsi se skládají z přibližně deseti různých odrůd kávy – původně čisté arabiky, a také arabiky a robusty, aby uspokojily různé chutě spotřebitelů.


A new generation of coffee



Torrefazione Caffè Excelsior is a prestigious Italian coffee brand with a long tradition, which is now managed by the daughter of its mother, Daria Trucca. Its intention is to offer a high-quality product consisting of the best coffee beans. Honest craft roasting according to traditional procedures and methods also plays an important role. Caffè Excelsior relies on a sophisticated logistics chain, thanks to which the company is able to deliver the best freshly roasted Italian coffee.


A taste of Italian tradition


Coffesso is a collection of natural coffee prepared according to original Italian recipes from various combinations of coffee beans from the best plantations in the world. The harmonious taste of Coffesso coffees is mainly due to the precise and even roasting of the beans. Every coffee lover can choose their favorite preparation for a delicious cup. Ground coffee in classic vacuum packaging is suitable for preparation in a coffee machine, Turkish or coffee press. Coffee capsules fit perfectly into the machine of the NESPRESSO system, and coffee beans give you even more freedom in preparation options.


From the field straight to your cup


The Naturavita tea brand was founded in the town of Pitomača by a family that preferred cultivation in its own fields in order to maintain the highest quality standards for the production of medicinal herbs. Now Naturavita teas are taken care of by a team of experts, whose cultivation of herbs is based on exactly this family principle, i.e. "straight from the field to the table". This is also confirmed by a number of certificates owned by the company distributing these teas. The assortment includes simple, basic flavors, but also combinations of functional flavors with loose tea.


Art passed down from generation to generation.


In the 1940s, it was very difficult to import roasted coffee to Spain, so in 1940 Augustin Granell Orlega and his wife Consuela Herrero founded a family company called Cafés Granell. The company is located in the city of Sueco and has been dedicated to roasting, packaging and distributing coffee since the beginning.

Coffee quality is a priority for the Granell brand. Long-standing history and tradition only confirms this. Emphasis on the selection of the best coffee beans and coffee roasting methods are passed down from generation to generation and reflect the principles of quality and constant innovation. Coffee is imported to the roastery from all over the world, where experts determine whether or not it will be put into production based on the taste, aroma and quality of the beans.

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