Skvělá italská zrnková káva na eshopu s čaji a kávou CG FoodsItalian coffee beans are great for making espresso because they are freshly ground, and a small cup of bitter drink will be intense and fragrant. Even Italians do not have the same opinion as to whether 100% Arabica (popular in the north of the country) or its blend with robusta (popular in the south of the country) is better. And that is why in our offer you will find pure arabica, as well as its combination with robusta, in various proportions.

Italian coffee beans are represented here by the brands Coffesso, Excelsior and Saquella, and you can choose from 250g packages, but also 1kg of coffee or coffee in a can. Most blends can also be found in the Italian ground coffee section, or choose from all coffee beans.

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